Waka Waka Dance Craze

The Waka Waka Dance has become the new dance craze, the web is filled with videos of people from around the world dancing to Shakira's Waka Waka. Everyone and their grandmother is doing this dance, we have seen videos of babies, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens dancing the waka waka. Many fitness coaches and choreographers have adapted the dance for fitness routines and have added their own twist to the dance. It seems the waka waka dance is a good workout and can help you lose weight.

Remember the Macarena by Los del Río? It was very popular back in the 90's. The Waka Waka Dance seems to be following the same trend of that dance. The Macarena still has a big cult following, and we believe the waka waka dance will have the same. We await to see what new videos and surprises will come out of this new dance fever.

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